Branstad Economy Results in 5th Lowest Unemployment Rate Nationwide

DES MOINES – Iowa’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.7% last month, the 5th lowest in America, as Governor Branstad’s leadership gives businesses the confidence they need to invest in our state.

Chairman Jeff Kaufmann: “Governor Branstad has led this state and Iowa with an eye toward sustainable growth, resulting in broad based employment gains from Lyon County in the northwest corner to Lee in the southeast. Governor Branstad’s leadership stands in sharp contrast to the Democrat’s tax-and-spend ethos, which would lead to higher taxes, higher spending, and higher unemployment for Iowans.”


96 out of 99 Counties have seen a drop in unemployment since June 2014. –Source

KGAN: Iowa Unemployment Rate Drops

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – More and more Iowans are getting to work. New numbers out from Iowa Workforce Development show Iowa’s unemployment rate dropped last month to 3.7%; down from 3.8% in May. At this time last year, 4.4% of Iowans were unemployed. “For the fourth time this year, the unemployment rate is down,” said Iowa Workforce Development Director Beth Townsend.  “As the low unemployment trend continues, encouraging gains are being seen in the retail sector; the business establishment survey added 3,000 retail jobs this month.” Iowa is also ahead of the national unemployment rate of 5.3%.


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