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CANDIDATE SPOTLIGHT: William Cusack, Scott County Supervisor

During my first term as a member of the present Scott County Board of Supervisor’s the following has been accomplished:

Finances – Scott County’s finances are safe and secure as evidenced by our 27th straight annual award from the Government Finance Officer’s Association for excellence in financial accounting.

Public Safety – Scott County will soon begin construction on the Sheriff’s new patrol headquarters in the central part of the county. This will not be a substation, but a permanent base for the patrol deputies to respond to calls for service and emergency calls in the rural areas of the county.

Infrastructure – this Board is pro-active on keeping our equipment and buildings updated. For example, a new roof was put on the old portion of the jail last year and this year the roof will be replaced on the administration building.  Also, the beginning of extensive courthouse remodeling has begun.  All of these projects will be paid for from cash on hand – ABSOLUTELY NO BONDING!

Taxes – this Board has lowered the county tax levy for each of the last three years.

Economic Development – this Board hosted a successful economic development summit last winter with over 140 people attending. Feedback received indicated it was very successful.

Gender balance – we are in total compliance of this new State law and have been recognized as being one of only four of Iowa’s 99 counties to do so.

The future – I would like to continue to be part of this fiscally conservative Board and I am confident we will be up to future challenges. Please consider voting for me on November 4th.

William P. Cusack

Incumbent Scott County Supervisor

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