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The Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses will be held on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.  Since 1972, Iowa has been first in the nation in the presidential selection process, and we in Scott County take this responsibility seriously.

We are working to ensure a positive experience for all Republicans during this upcoming caucus.  Locations are being secured and point people are being identified.

Several resources are available online to acquaint you with the caucus history and process.  They are listed throughout this blog post.  Our Scott County Republicans Chairwoman Judy Davidson has also created a “Caucus Cheat Sheet” which we have summarized below:

– The upcoming Iowa Caucuses will be held on January 3, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.

– Caucus locations will be published in the newspapers as well as on the Republican Party of Iowa website and Iowa Secretary of State website.  Please note: Your caucus location is often different than your usual voting location.

– You must be a registered Republican and 18 years old by November 6, 2012, to participate.  You may register to vote on site that evening.

– No cost to attend, although a donation is encouraged

– Arrive to your caucus site early to allow plenty of time for check in, and plan to be there for an hour or longer.

– While the presidential poll receives the most attention during presidential election years, the caucus includes various other important points of business, including electing precinct leaders to serve for the next two years, and electing delegates to the county, district, and state conventions.  Platform issues are also submitted in writing.

– The presidential poll commences via paper ballot after one person has been given a chance to speak on behalf of each presidential campaign.  The candidate who receives the most votes on this ballot is considered the winner.  Only one round of voting occurs.  (The Democrats’ process differs on this point.)

If this sounds interesting to you and you fit the criteria to participate in the caucus, we invite you to join us!  Be a part of history!

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