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Help Cindy Golding Win SD18

On November 8, Iowans will have a chance to regain a seat in the Iowa Senate allowing our republican legislators to move their agenda forward!Senator Swati Dandekar, a democrat from Marion, has resigned her seat to take an appointment to the Iowa Utility Board.  This means there will be a special election to fill this seat this on November 8, 2011, and we have a chance to shift the Iowa Senate to  25/ 25.  Republicans would have the chance to move forward legislation they were not able to last session.

This election includes the areas of Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, and rural Linn County. We are asking the wonderful activists in Scott County to help with this very important election.

One of the best and EASIEST ways for us in Scott County to help is to contact people you know in these areas.  If you have family or friends who live in these areas, talk to them about the importance of this election, and encourage them to vote for CINDY GOLDING, the republican candidate.

Republican Cindy Golding, candidate for State Senate District 18

Then ask them to encourage their friends and family to vote for Cindy and also volunteer to help get out the vote.  Voters affiliated with the GOP in this area outnumber democrats by 200; although a plurality of the 51,500 voters in the district are independents.  So, you can see getting out the vote is crucial, especially encouraging those independents to vote republican.
A few ways each of us can volunteer between now and November 8:
  • Phone banks in Des Moines: The Iowa GOP is phone banking at the headquarters office in Des Moines all day Monday-Saturday. The best time to call during the week is 5:30pm-8:30pm. Let Ryan know if you’re interested in phoning! The address of the building is 621 East 9th St, Des Moines.  Ryan may be reached at 515.867.1997.
  • Phone banks in Marion: If you are near Cedar Rapids and Marion, please visit the office at 1121 7th Ave., Marion. Tracie Gibler will be running the Marion office making phone calls and door knocking.  You may contact her via phone at 319.329.2159.
  • Door Knocking: EVERY SATURDAY BETWEEN NOW AND THE ELECTION, folks from all over the state will be putting on walking shoes to knock doors in Marion. Come with us! If you’re interested in talking to voters and getting out the vote in Marion and Cedar Rapids, join us on Saturdays in Marion. The first flight of door-knockers will go out at 10am. Come test out our new iPad door-knocking system!
  • Adopt A Voter: Adopt 25 Republican voters. Call Ryan for a list of 25 Republicans that live in Senate District 18. Send them hand-written notes and give them a phone call.

Although we cannot actually vote in this crucial election, we can take an active role in helping to elect the republican candidate who will help ALL IOWANS by creating a 25/25 split in the Senate giving our republican legislators the ability to move legislation.  Read Representative Kraig Paulsen’s perspective on the race here.

If you are interested in grassroots volunteering for Cindy, contact any of the people listed below:

Linn County GOP Chair Steve Armstrong

Tracie Gibler, Marion Phone Bank
Ryan Gough, Des Moines Phone Bank & Adopt a Voter

You may also visit Cindy Golding’s website.

On to Victory!

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