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Iowa Straw Poll 2011: Just the Beginning

Only 39 days ago, we were the center of attention in the national media.  The Iowa Straw Poll drew over 17,000 participants and 1,000 credentialed media.  Everyone was reporting live from Iowa.  RPI chair Matt Strawn and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad were on the Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press shows on Sunday morning.

The Iowa Straw Poll was a fabulous event.  Republicans had fun and voted for their chosen candidates.  The weather was gorgeous.  It truly was American democracy at its best.

But what happens now that the cameras have mostly gone home?  Sure, we have the caucuses coming up.  But the media have a lot of other states and issues to focus on in the meantime.

Now is the time to keep those first time straw poll attendees engaged.  We must also reach out to additional new voters and those who lean Republican but voted for Obama in 2008 (and won’t make the same mistake twice!).

In Scott County, we are involved with several outreach projects communicating our message and recruiting activists.  We are personally inviting newly registered voters to join us, and we have sent 1,500 letters to them.

We started this blog and have become more active in social media to not only provide information, but to also become a place where like-minded people can connect.

We communicate via email with 1,400 people regarding our events and strategies.  Please email us at republicanssc@gmail.com to request to be added to our list.

And that is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more new projects.

Soon we will be revealing our new website with featured videos of past events, highlights of current elected officials, and the how tos of participating in an Iowa caucus.

We will also be announcing our featured guest at our annual Ronald Reagan dinner to be held in early November.

As we near the winter months, we will remember the caucus fundamentals.  We will organize the ground game for Republicans and train our precinct chairs well.  We need your help to reel in young, new faces!  And it’s also the time to fire up veteran activists who have been in the political trenches through several election cycles.

Remember: This is just the beginning!  We still have 412 days to go!

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